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Another post? WHAT.

afbodypirate ambodypirate

Mortire made this default originally here for AFbodypirate and AMbodypirate. I changed the textures a bit ages ago 'cause I like the Maxis pirate outfit's shirt style but recently added fat/preg morphs for AF/AM. The AM fat morph came from RentedSpace, I made the AF one.

afbodypirate ambodypirate

afbodypirate ambodypirate aikea guinea AFBody Lusty Coat

Download default -

Download Aikea's original mesh with fat/preg morphs -

I've added MORPH to the end of the original file name for reference - MESH_aikea_guinea-AFBody_Lusty_Coat_w_Boots-110807_MORPH

Credit to aikea, mortire, RentedSpace, yuxi.