slig: A Slig from the Oddworld game, the moon behind it, a landmine in front of it (Default)
This is just such a nutty texture I had to have it.


I've lost the link to the site I got this dress from, think it was called Euro something but it was either Chinese or Korean, if anyone knows who made it let me know and I'll add proper credit. I recoloured the textures a bit as they were really bright. With or without the necklace 'cause it's painted on and I hate that, personally.

Download without necklace -

Download with necklace -


I used this default as a base because it has no necklace so thanks to Nimravidae for that.

Download -


Mortire's default with Yuichen's awesome boot texture and Pinketamine's colours. I made a default for this before here.

UPDATED 19/12/2016 - Fat Morph.

Download -

Credit for the dress (thanks, Anon) -

Date: 13/11/2012 17:29 (UTC)From: (Anonymous)
Slig, thank you so much for your wonderful and amazing defaults and all the hard work and talent you put into your creations. You make our Sim games awesome! :D

Also, I believe the site you found the vampire dresses from was this:

Date: 01/01/2015 12:15 (UTC)From: (Anonymous)
So hard to choose between these kimono defaults and the other ones. I finally decided that I liked these stockings best. XD

I love the patterns on the medieval dress.