slig: A Slig from the Oddworld game, the moon behind it, a landmine in front of it (Default)
A leedle something for CPU. 'Cause it's always a good idea to get drunk and dance for your landlord.

CPU Classic Pinup
The meshes were made by Cenor but I had to redo them a bit.

BEHOLD the arses of terribleness

CPU Classic Pinup

BEHOLD the new arse

CPU Classic Pinup

I removed the keys shadow from the landlord trousers as the keys had been removed and also fixed the fat morph arse. The weird check waistcoat is now purple.

Download Landlord -

CPU Classic Pinup

For the uber family outfit, I had to remake it from scratch as the bow had been merged with the body, making it impossible to alpha off the bow. So the new mesh will not pick up any recolours of the original mesh. The fat morph behind is fixed (see black dress above). They're numbered 1 to 6 and in order of the pic above, black to purple.

Download Uber Family -

BSOK'd to show with other CPU stuff. Both meshes have preg morphs.
Credit to Alleluia for the uber family textures, Cenor for the original meshes.
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