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Dinhd has some useful empty careers on MTS. They prevent Sims from rolling job-related wants and have no work hours or levels. I found these via Gummilutt, who mentioned that they'd found the descriptions a bit offensive. So I've edited the descriptions (they're the same for each gender) and tidied up the icons. Some of the wording is from TS4.

Fearless Freelancer
Your Sim works for themselves, doing what they want… or at least what paying clients want. Unfortunately, paying clients want everything from financial advice to home-crafted tat at a moment's notice and that's just the start! It’s not glamorous, but it’s a living.

Spirited Speculator
Should everyone be laid off and replaced by robots? Should the company logo be redone to include more llamas? These are the types of critical decisions you'll be making as a business owner. Optimize your investment through diligent research and turn piles of Simoleons into even bigger piles of Simoleons!

Dynamic Descendant
It's a shame that someone had to die before you could take over but that sweet Simoleon inheritance will help ease the pain. Plus, you can use a few from the pile to dry your tears when the tissues run out. Don't forget to take care of the family while you're busy spending money!

For more information about the careers see the link to Dinhd's MTS post above.

Download -
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