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Yes, I updated it again. I never put the previous glass updates that were packed with textures into the ALL file in case it would duplicate things for people. You can find glass packed with textures here on the default build/glass tag -



But if you just want the glass defaulted on its own you can have that now.

Sims2 Default Glass - No Blue Glass
Shasta did the pic!

Storybook + Groovy glass added - *pic missing*

The OFB awning also gets clear glass but isn't shown in the pics 'cause Shasta had a duplicate file in. :P Garage doors also have clear glass. For your convenience here is that Slig_WindowGlassALL.package with all of the glass done so far, renamed v2shastakiss at the end. Some of the other glasses were packed with textures in the other posts but if you're not into those other textures and just want the glass, well, here's your chance. There's a CEP file in this download, please check the readme.txt in the folder for details.

Download Default Glass Updated -

I'm not listing everything that's in it as those can be found by using the tag/pictures above, there's a variety of glass for both windows and doors over all EPs/SPs - if you want them separate then again, please use the tag above. :) The Groovy set has been added, I made two small changes to the textures - I removed the CND/peace sign and changed one texture to red to better match the flowery door. You may notice when zooming out that the middle of the round window has a faint seam - I took out all defaults, checked the Maxis textures and they do the same thing, it is very faint but definitely there so hopefully that is not a problem. I may have missed the odd other thing as well so feel free to point those out. Domestic glass is clearer than commercial glass a la Sim City 4.

If you're using the previous ALL file AND you're using the glass packed with default textures then you will get duplicates if you download the file above. If you're happy using the old ALL file (here - and the other defaults with textures but still want the Groovy/Storybook update then download this file -

Download Groovy/Storybook Glass Update -

The old ALL file has the clear glass for the Storybook bay window in it already so that's not in this one, I'm just putting this file here for those that want the two updates.

Thanks to Shasta for the assist.

Links in Box for older files

Date: 11/02/2016 14:44 (UTC)From: (Anonymous)
Hi.. is there any chance of updating your old links for default maxis objects? They are so great, i feel like crying because i can't get them.
Thanks :)

Re: Links in Box for older files

Date: 15/02/2016 11:49 (UTC)From: (Anonymous)
TY thank you, THANK YOU ! :)
You are the best!

Date: 30/04/2014 13:55 (UTC)From: [identity profile]
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The clear groovy glass and clear storybook glass - perfect \o/ Thank you! I will never ever bug you about clear glass again... I mean at least not today.

Date: 08/05/2017 18:46 (UTC)From: (Anonymous)
Does this download include every default window and door from the older posts too ? This confuses me :/