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Showerproof skintones for MIA's Booty Cutie bodyshape requested by Eyeore89 in this post. I don't use the Booty Cutie myself so I won't be any help if you have questions with these, sorry. Pooklet's MPL skintones on them, linked to BC for AF/EF, NT for AM/EM and one of Warlokk's meshes for the TF. The meshes are all in there in a separate folder so maybe check if you have them first. One thing I noticed is that the Booty Cutie meshes have a fat morph on the bottom but not the top, unsure as to why that is but I'm giving the heads up just in case this isn't a well-known thing for this shape. All of the meshes are sexyfeet versions.

Download MIA's Booty Cutie Skintones -

Credit to MIA, Warlokk, szielins and BlooM for the split meshes.

Edited to add, these are geneticised and townified.