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AFHairHatBallCapUp Black Texture Problem

The OFB baseball cap (hairhatballcapup_ultramarine etc) has a TXMT that overrides the BG baseball cap (hairhatballcapup_mesh etc) TXMT. I thought I’d downloaded a bogus default before I came across this post -

The OFB black hat is really called “noir” in its TXMTs but there’s a spare TXMT called “black” that causes one part of the BG ponytail to reference the hair texture in “noir” and sets that TXMT up like the hair is a hat too.

So if you’ve also got this problem try this -

Date: 12/03/2017 15:28 (UTC)From: [personal profile] raindrop_drinkwater
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I don't know if I've got this problem or not (gotta check), but you know what? If I ignore the obvious artefacts around the ears, I quite like the effect of the black streaks on red hair! Not the way it's distributed, but it's a nice colour combo.