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Default for ambodyalphapolomalcomshorts and tmbodyalphapolomalcomshorts, I added shoes from one of the Uni outfits because SANDALS! >:|


There's fat and preg morphs and the shoe sounds are appropriate. Which means there are property sets in the default file - the delete button will be enabled in Bodyshop so don't press that.


Teen Male

The default teen male links to AM for its textures already so no editing needed there. Fat morph only.

Download Default AM/TM (all in one) -

If you'd prefer a custom mesh -

The custom mesh only has one recolour (white).

Fallout Baby Controller
Fallout Mobile Baby Controller

Pescado's baby controller cloned with Bluebottle's Fallout 3 baby mobile as the shape. I've also edited the metal table from that page too as originally it overwrote the Danish dining table.

Download Fallout 3 Baby Controller -

Download Fallout 3 Table -

Date: 23/02/2017 18:22 (UTC)From: [personal profile] raindrop_drinkwater
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Thank you! Those sandals are absolutely everywhere... o.O